Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann - Partner

Dr. Phys., Dipl. Phys.

European Patent Attorney


Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann is a partner in ARROBA IP.



The main focus of Jürgen is in optics, automotive engineering and mechanics. Jürgen is specialized in patent prosecution and litigation. Further, Jürgen is the exclusive representative of some companies so that Jürgen a huge experience in all kind of IP. 


Jürgen studied physics (Dipl. Phys.) in Mainz and later also did his Phd in physics (Dr. Phys.) in Mainz. 


Jürgen was a patent engineer at Leica and head of the patent division at Leifheit a German consumer good company. As head of the patent division of Leifheit Jürgen was also confronted with elaborating of licence agreements.