Clara Sattler de Sousa e Brito - Partner

Dipl. Phys., Dipl. Jur., LL.M. (Yale)

Patentanwältin, European Patent Attorney

European Trademark and Design Attorney

Attorney at Law (New York)



Clara Sattler de Sousa e Brito is a partner with ARROBA IP.


Clara handles highly technical and complex matters in life sciences, nanotechnology, medical engineering and mechanics. In addition to patent and trademark prosecution, Clara specializes in portfolio development and litigation and her international training provides her with the expertise necessary to advise her clients based on both the European and US legal systems. Clara’s background in philosophy and ethics also makes her a highly sought-after attorney for cases relating to emerging technologies in extremly sensitive areas, such as the Brüstle ./. Greenpeace case, which resulted in a landmark decision of the European Court of Justice on the patentability of inventions relating to human embryonic stem cells.


Clara holds master degrees in physics (Dipl. Phys.), law (Dipl. Jur.) and philosophy (M.A.) from Munich, Marburg and Bonn. She held a research assistant position in biotechnology at the Technische Universität München (TUM) and worked for several years with Joseph Straus at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law. Clara holds a Master’s degree from Yale Law School (LL.M.) and is a member of the New York legal bar. Clara was a visiting fellow at the Information Society Project of Yale Law School, an editor of the Yale Journal of Public Health and a member of the submissions committee of the Yale Journal of Law and Technology.


Clara is a member of the expert group on patent law, biotechnology and genetic engineering of the European Commission since 2013. Clara maintains a highly active academic agenda, including being a frequent and popular speaker at high level international conferences and authorship of numerous articles in natural sciences and law in prestigious publications such as Nature Materials and MIT Press. Clara also teaches at the ISU of University of Giessen and is a visiting professor at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon.